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Can you be an investor too?

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Can you be an investor too?

Post by yasaka on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:39 pm

There are many of my friends always ask me this question: "Hey, can I invest too?" I will always answer them or ask them a question, " Do you love to read news?" So far there is none of them answered yes for it but " yes I do read sometimes only." Here's the point, if you don't love to read, please don't invest at all. Please do not listen to those rumours to buy any stocks. Please always remember that rumors that could reach to you, it already spread to the whole world. Everyone is selling that stock and no longer buying.

Why did I say that reading is so important for investing especially for news. Stocks pointing north or south are mostly depends on their stock news or relative news. What it meant by stocks news here are like the company has been awarded any contracts which will boost the sales of the company and profits indeed. Relative news are like the government policy. For example, Russia had prohibited the exports of wheat to worldwide due to deficit supply in Russia. Therefore, the supply of wheat in worldwide will decrease and caused the price of wheat to shot up. At this moment, you will actually know that the price of the stocks which sell wheat will point to north. Clearly we can see how important news for a stock.

Secondly, do you afraid of losing money? Are you kind of people who couldn't sleep or concentrate on doing something when you realized you are losing money? If you are, please do not invest. Stock market is not for you.

Thirdly, capital matter. If you have only about RM1000, please try to work harder to earn more before you step in stock market. Of course, there is no minimum capital for investing but seriously RM1000 is too little to buy stocks. Even you can afford for some stocks, it is either inactive or risky stocks. For beginner, I don't really recommend for playing high risk stocks because you are still learning. If you play those penny stocks like less than 10 cents per share, and it would be kind of gambling and no longer investing. And you will learn nothing at the end. Therefore, I would suggest have a capital at least RM8000-10000 to start investing so that at least afford for a blue-chip stock.

I would highly encourage teenagers to start invest when they are young like me. I myself started to buy my first stock since 16. When we are young, please always remember that we have nothing to lose. Even we lost all our savings now, all we have is time. We have time to earn them back. This is unlike to the elders who are retiring and they are relying on those money for the rest of their life. If they lose all of them, they will suffer and ended up with worst life. And lastly please remember that investing is always investing and it is not gambling. Please do not put in your gambling behaviour in investing.

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Re: Can you be an investor too?

Post by Angeloo on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:46 am

i believe this post will help many people if they really read into this article...thx a lot for sharing with us
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