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Mastering the Records

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Mastering the Records

Post by LANDERDO on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:31 pm

Recording music is a tedious process that involves constant listening to the tracks. When the tracks are constantly heard, it is not possible to find minor issues that might be present. This is where the process of mastering helps. Mastering process finds out the defects that may otherwise remain unnoticed. The mastering engineer has years of experience in the field and is therefore, able to detect the issues easily. When the tracks are mastered, it becomes commercially saleable.

music recording masteringi
s the final phase, which adds to the quality of the tracks. The process is done by experienced mastering engineer. Mastering is also about providing a different perspective to the song. Mastering performs the following functions:
Mastering helps in Volume Level Maximization. When the tracks are mastered, it results in uniformity of sound. So when there is more than one track in the album, mastering adds perfection.
Mastering makes sure that the frequencies are made consistent. The bass, treble and mid frequencies are balanced properly.
The mastering offers reduction in noise of the background. This would ensure that the sound comes out clear and professional.
Mastering helps the track to be played on any medium and not just the medium on which it was created.
Mastering encodes texts like UPC (Universal Product Code), ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), CD Text (additional information about the CD, e.g. album name, song name, and artist name) or other PQ information on the records.


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