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fun ok cafe~

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fun ok cafe~

Post by woeini on Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:33 pm][/url]

With a name like that, you would’ve expected it to be a karaoke or something. But if I am not mistaken, it’s a direct translation from a cantonese word that meant … Return Home.

I told you this article is going to be different. Now you’ll have to live through the rest of my babbles. Might as well .. since you’ve already started. Fun OK Cafe is no doubt a cute place to visit. You’ll not miss the bright green signage as you drive along the Connaught main road in Cheras. Located on the top floor, you’ll have to endure 3 flights of stairs to get up there. As you enter the cafe, you can help but noticing folks dressed in pajamas smiling and greeting you. You then realize they are actually the waiters in this ‘homely’ establishment.

The surprise doesn’t end there. Look around and you’ll spot washing machines, half-cut barrels, toilet seats decorated as dining tables and chairs. You’ll not find duplicate sets of dining tables as every single one of them is unique, in it’s own …. fancy ways. A black old refrigerator stands next to the entrance and when you opens it up, you’ll find boxes of toys instead of chilled drinks or food.

Ordering food in here is not easy task either. Menu comes in form of photo albums with great looking food photographs. Food choices are plentiful but limited to finger foods and light main courses.

Fried noodles, fried rice, western food …. basically a good mix of eastern and western. I decided to try a good variety so I choose to start with Seafood Tomyam Soup and proceeded with Chicken Chop and finally Colorful Fried Rice. The Seafood Tomyam Soup was pretty normal, not too spicy but quite sour. Tasted like it was prepared from stocks … tomyam stocks. Maggi maybe.

As for the Chicken Chop, nothing spectacular. Fries. Salad. And a slice of chicken meat with plenty of sauce. The Colorful Fried Rice. Sigh. I don’t even feel like mentioning it. Dry. Tasteless. Condiments …. almost non-existence.

Location :
Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
72A, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56100 Cheras Kuala Lumpur
Cuisine :Chinese
Contact :03 9101 9915
Business Hour :Sun~Thurs:12pm -12am Fri – Sat:12pm -2am


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